Wherever you are, you can immerse yourself in an artistic experience with Imprimatura, an iPhone application for the art lover.

In painting, the imprimatura is the ground layer of color hidden beneath all other layers. Imprimatura, the application for the iPhone is an exploration of great artists where the user discovers a masterpiece hidden like an imprimatura. The game not only challenges but also sharpens the player's knowledge of art history and ability to recognize an artist through limited exposure to an example of his or her style.

On the surface, Imprimatura is a game of concentration in which a player uncovers segments of an art work by matching colors on an overlying grid. The goal of the game is to recognize the artist from only a few matches.

Features of Imprimatura include:

1. An online database of paintings. These paintings are cropped to the aspect ratio of the iPhone, downloaded to your iPhone and automatically removed as needed. Due to copyright restrictions there are no paintings completed after 1941.

2. The ability to choose the school (nine selections) and difficulty level (easy, moderate, difficult) of the underlying painting.

3. In addition to basic information about the painting (e.g. date, location, medium), a short commentary is provided to point out interesting technical details in the painting, the significance of the painting in the artist's career, and the significance of the artist in the history of art.